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The SAMINA sleep system

Four components for maximum regenerative sleep

Our body is a complex structure: Skin, connective tissue, muscles, bony structures, nerves – various layers that interact and work with one another. Sleep is a natural regeneration process that is needed to maintain this structure’s full functionality in the long term – and to keep us healthy. And so what would be more appropriate than to develop a sleep system to facilitate this regeneration process, one that also consists of various layers and therefore optimally meets the body’s needs? That’s exactly what we did.

The SAMINA sleep system consists of four components that are perfectly balanced and make your sleep as regenerative and healthy as possible. From the first night.

Highly flexible and twice freely suspended: The SAMINA spinal support slats

A sleep base should relax the muscles and support the back at the same time. Studies show that the best way to do this is when the spine when lying down is in the same position as when standing up. Orthopaedically correct sleep bases therefore have to be one thing above all: flexible.

The SAMINA spinal support slats consist of 90 unglued – and therefore completely mobile – slats. They are freely suspended and in two layers; they are installed in such a way that the pressure between body and base is perfectly balanced, the spine is supported, the vertebral bodies are gently stretched and pressure is taken off the discs. Natural stretching in your sleep.

Elastic to the point: The SAMINA natural rubber mattress

The SAMINA natural rubber mattress is made from 100 percent sustainably sourced rubber latex. The material has excellent spring-back properties and high point elasticity. This means: It yields exactly where the body exerts pressure – and takes pressure off. It provides support wherever no pressure is exerted. As a result, the mattress not only enhances the effect of the SAMINA spinal support slats: The muscles relax and the spine is in an orthopaedically correct position. It also ensures that venous and arterial blood circulation is not restricted during sleep.

Sleeping with barefoot effect: The SAMINA Lokosana® grounding pad

Are you completely earthed – or totally charged and always powered up? People are electrical beings. We live in an environment with which we permanently exchange tension. Or that’s how it should be. Because our lifestyle habits are literally in the way of natural earthing. Walking barefoot across the meadow like we used to. Today we wear rubber soles and sit on the rug in front of the computer. But it is important for your health, our well-being and our sleep for the body to have contact with the negatively charged surface of the earth – and the associated absorption of free electrons.

That’s where the Lokosana® earthing pad comes in: it starts where we stopped walking barefoot. It uses the physics of “earthing”, of body earthing, to restore the basic natural bioelectric state of your body and enables you to have a deep, restful and healthy sleep. Night after night. Unique in its functioning.

Samina sleep system

Climate –regulating and bio-active: The SAMINA sheep’s wool topper

The SAMINA sheep’s wool topper gives you perfect sleep: Cosy and warm in the winter, and nice and cool in the summer. Sheep’s wool regulates moisture, has anti-bacterial properties and excellent self-cleaning capacity. It is also 100 percent organic. Because of the dry heat, dust mites are deprived of their livelihood. That’s also why pure wool is the best material for people with allergies. With the SAMINA sheep’s wool topper, you have a choice of covers: skin-friendly, twined cotton and sheep’s wool fabric.

Covering all needs: The SAMINA range of accessories

If it starts perfectly at the bottom, it should end perfectly at the top. Bioactive blankets and orthopaedic pillows, filled with unprocessed, smooth and supple sheep’s wool, are the crowning glory of your SAMINA sleep experience. Our organic ceramic bedding makes use of warming infrared radiation and is ideal if you like it cosy. And what’s good for adults is even better for the little ones: Of course we also stock special products for children and babies and for pregnant women.

Because for us a sleep support does not just have a top and bottom, we have developed a sophisticated system of extras that gives you as many intermediate levels and adjustments for your SAMINA sleep system as your personal sleeping habits demand – this includes the slanted sleeping position with SAMINA Gravity® and relaxing sounds to fall asleep to thanks to the SAMINA SoundLife Sleep System®. Finally, our ultimate tip: The kyBoot. With the right shoe, you can use the day for a healthy sleep.

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